Your Next Lesson: Rosé From the Dark Side

The world seems to have embraced the notion that rosé is meant to wear only the palest shade of pink. That is not remotely true. Pale rosés may be the most fashionable wines among the “Yes Way, Rosé” enthusiasts. But rosé encompasses an entire spectrum of hues and colors, from a barely discernible tinge of amber to translucent ruby. This month we’re going to examine the darker side of rosé. Partly, this is because heading in the opposite direction of the crowd is often an excellent strategy for finding value in wine. But mostly because dark rosés can be astoundingly good. Two of my absolute favorite rosés, Domaine Ilarria’s Irouléguy Rosé and Château Simone’s Palette Rosé, are decidedly dark. These are gorgeous wines and age beautifully, contrary to the notion that rosés wither and die after Labor Day.