The T List: Five Things We Recommend This Week

When his beloved ceramics class was abruptly canceled last year, Shane Gabier — one half of the sustainability-minded fashion label Creatures of the Wind, along with his partner, Christopher Peters — knew it would be up to him to feed his passion. Leaning on his fashion background and pattern-making skills, Gabier began sketching shapes on paper and cutting out slabs of clay to transform two-dimensional ideas into physical objects: vases, sculptures and plates glazed in earthy tones. Inspired by Brutalist architecture, post-Memphis design and conceptual sculpture from the 1960s and ’70s, Gabier’s pieces are geometric and tactile; some vessels are made of interlocking pieces that can be subtly rearranged, while hand-shaped plates and bowls look nearly stonelike with their natural finish and uniquely tapered edges. Each piece is made from a heavy sculpture clay that “feels really natural and easy” to Gabier, who believes the sturdiness of the substance allows him to build taller without sacrificing the flat clothlike planes that distinguish his work. Gabier is selling his wares through the Portland-based design store Spartan Shop — and is also at work on a lighting collaboration with the furniture company Roman Thomas — but perhaps the best way to peruse them is simply to scroll through his Instagram, an endless feed of dripping colors and chunky shapes. From $375, drink ThisTaking Wine Pairings to the Next Level