Wine Review: Cellier des Terres Blanches 2019 Intuition Cotes du Rhone Rouge

This is one of those hard-to-find wines that have an insanely great quality to price ratio. For our Pennvyania readers, the search will be pretty easy: the entire 2019 vintage was bought by the state’s liquor agency. The winery is interesting; it’s located in Baux en Provence, just below Avignon. Most of their vineyards are in Provence, but they make this single bottling from their single superb Cotes du Rhone vineyard, just across the border. On the nose, expect aromas of lavender and crushed fruitloops (awesome). Flavors of fresh figs and joint compound push through the lush textures and melting chocolate-meets-tobacco flavors to come out the other side into a pool of strawberry coulis and burning incense. Wine Rating: 91 Points Price: $10 in Pennsylvania, and good luck finding this anywhere else.