Citi Bike rival JOCO brings shared, docked e-bikes to NYC

Move over Citi Bike, there’s a new docked, shared bike service in town — only this one is all electric.
Next week, JOCO will be the first shared operator in New York City to launch a network of e-bike stations on private property for public use.
This is not the first new shared operator to hit the streets of New York this year.
But while Bird, Lime and Veo are restricted to operating in a section of the Bronx, far from any Citi Bike territory, JOCO is under no such constraints.
The company essentially pays landlords to provide this amenity, while absolving them from having to operate or maintain the e-bikes.
“What differentiates us from Citi Bike is, first of all, our bikes are 100% electric, 100% premium,” co-founder Jonathan “Johnny” Cohen from New York told TechCrunch.
Like Citi Bike, each e-bike can last for about 30 miles on a charge.
If you can find an electric Citi Bike, it’ll cost a rider $3.50 to unlock and .18 cents a minute, which comes out to about $5.30.
“That’s significantly cheaper in our opinion for a brand new, gorgeous, full electric premium bike,” said NY Jo.
Under Citi Bike’s annual membership, if a rider is averaging out about five 10-minute rides per week, the monthly spend is comparable between the two companies.
“Citi Bike has been around since 2013 and has done a tremendous job at driving cycling adoption on the streets of NYC,” Monica Wejman, Vulog’s North America managing director, told TechCrunch.
“And now you have JOCO entering this space, powered by Vulog, really there to complement Citi Bike and satisfy what we’re seeing as a significant increase in demand for access to e-bikes.