Dan Bongino predicts possible Trump arrest will motivate base and could make him a 'martyr'

Appearing on "Fox & Friends Weekend" Saturday morning, Fox News host Dan Bongino compared the U.S. to a police state ahead of the possible arrest of Donald Trump next week.
The former president took to Truth Social Saturday morning confirming reports from sources of his potential arrest next Tuesday.
TWITTER'S ELON MUSK PREDICTS TRUMP WILL WIN RE-ELECTION IN ‘LANDSLIDE VICTORY’ IF ARRESTEDBongino likened the news of Trump's possible arrest to "third world B.S."
"This is the kind of story you're used to reading out of North Korea, but it's here in the United States right now.
And the fact that media people and the liberals will celebrate this shows you what I've said all along and axiomatic truth of the left."
Bongino shared what he believes will happen if the former president is arrested.
"This is like your entire life is subjected will to a jury lottery," he said.
GRAHAM SLAMS SOFT-ON-CRIME BRAGG FOR TARGETING TRUMP WHILE NEW YORKERS 'LUCKY' NOT TO GET ‘MUGGED’Bongino predicted an arrest would not stop Donald Trump's base, but could make him a martyr.
"You may have just martyred this guy and given him a ten point bump in his polls," he said.
Bongino urged people to protest "peacefully," warning that the government is looking for an excuse to put people in jail.
Former President Trump called for protests Saturday morning on Truth Social amid his looming indictment.
Protests at you must protest, but please do it peacefully," said Bongino.