Meet the woman steering Biden's bipartisan winning streak on Capitol Hill

But far from the spotlight is a woman who helped make all that happen: Louisa Terrell.
As the director of the White House Office of Legislative Affairs, Terrell, 53, leads a team that is the president’s collective eyes and ears in Congress.
In fact, when we sat down for our conversation in the White House Executive Office Building, she said it was her first television interview – ever.
She first started on the Hill over 20 years ago as a staffer for then-Sen. Biden on the Judiciary Committee.
“Republicans know that when this White House – and whether it’s us on our team or a senior official – gives the word, then we stand by our word.
And I think that kind of credibility on the Hill has been very important to move things.”Deep relationships matter too, she said.
A lifelong Biden connectionTerrell’s longest relationship in the White House is with the president himself.
Courtesy Louisa TerrellTerrell’s lifelong relationship with the Biden family means she brings a unique perspective to her work in the White House.
“I look across the White House, the women whose kids are that age, and you really have to (remember) how long their days and their nights are,” Terrell said.
“And then to think about the kind of performance and the kind of 100% they’re giving at the office every day.
So, I kind of think they don’t need my advice, actually, so, yeah, they don’t need me.
“There are folks in our shop, and again, folks here in the White House, who have some of those relationships.