Federal officials weigh extending mask mandate for mass transportation

(CNN) Federal officials are currently considering whether to renew the transportation mask requirement that expires next month, an official familiar with the discussions told CNN.
The early February order from the Transportation Security Administration applies to airplanes, buses, trains and ferries, and transportation hubs like airports.
The agency is currently consulting with health experts, said the official, who declined to predict whether the order will be renewed or allowed to expire as scheduled on May 11.
TSA has received nearly 2,000 reports alleging violations from across the multiple modes of transportation, the official said.
The agency disclosed in mid-February that it had received "fewer than 1,000" reports alleging non-compliance.
The agency has also reached the point of sending citations to alleged violators, the official said.
The official could not say how many have been issued.
There are multiple investigatory and review steps before a citation is ultimately issued.