Donors love hobnobbing with politicians. Ron DeSantis isn't playing ball

Ron DeSantis has gotten a rock star’s reception at Republican Party functions since winning reelection this month, solidifying himself as a top-tier possible presidential contender.
Instead, some were left wondering how DeSantis might compete at the national level, where so much depends on chatting up donors and fostering friendships among fellow Republicans.
DeSantis also held a summit this summer for his top donors and favored conservative media influencers to hobnob with some Republican governors and select candidates in Fort Lauderdale.
“I think last night was a welcome departure from that, and I think the governors took notice.”And DeSantis allies dismissed the idea that GOP donors are unsure about the governor.
“He is all work, all the time, he is about getting things done and not glad-handing donors.
“Didn’t mingle, didn’t glad-hand, and a lot of people hadn’t met him at that point.”Nor does he have particularly strong friendships with the GOP governors, an otherwise chummy bunch.
Chris Sununu gloated about the collaboration between Republican governors and how they share policy ideas and expertise.
“He kept to himself a bit in the House,” said Ryan Costello, the former Pennsylvania congressman who served alongside DeSantis.
In 2018, DeSantis took on the establishment favorite, then-state Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, for the Republican nomination for governor.
Boosted by a Trump endorsement, DeSantis easily vanquished Putnam and went on to win the general election.
Vance – but not incumbent Republican governors like DeWine, Kemp and Sununu, all of whom found themselves crosswise with Trump at some point.
“I don’t think DeSantis has ever shown that he can be influenced,” Jolly said.