Students trapped and diplomats assaulted as confusion reigns over ceasefire in Sudan

CNN —Gunfire, explosions and overhead fighter jets were heard across Sudan’s capital Khartoum and nearby cities on Tuesday, amid conflicting reports of an agreed ceasefire.
For more than three days, students at the University of Khartoum have been trapped inside campus buildings as artillery and gunfire rain down around them in Sudan’s capital.
“It is scary that our country will turn into a battlefield overnight,” said 23-year-old Al-Muzaffar Farouk, one of 89 students, faculty members and staff sheltering inside the university library.
Food and water are running low, but leaving is not an option – one student has already been killed by gunfire outside.
Khalid Abdulmun’em had been trying to run to the library from a nearby building when he was struck, said Farouk.
The students retrieved his body and brought it inside “despite the bullets that were falling on us,” he added.
The university confirmed Abdulmun’em’s death in a Facebook post, saying he had been shot in the campus’ surroundings.
In a separate post on Monday, the university urged humanitarian organizations to help evacuate dozens of people stranded on campus.
Smoke rises from burning aircraft inside Khartoum Airport during clashes on April 17.
Stringer/ReutersChildren are among those killed; a 6-year-old child died on Monday after the RSF shelled a hospital in Khartoum and damaged a maternity ward.
At least half a dozen hospitals have been struck by both warring sides, according to Sudan’s Doctors Trade Union.
Both sides had previously agreed to a three-hour ceasefire on Sunday, and again on Monday, with fighting resuming afterward, Perthes said.