Post-pandemic plans: Five ways to make a gender equal recovery a reality

This story is part of As Equals , CNN's ongoing series on gender inequality.
So, what would it look like to rebuild in a way that "promotes equality " as G7 leaders expressed their commitment to do this time last year?
Regner said conversations about policy are good but frank conversations about resources, feminist taxation and gender budgeting are also needed to result in tangible change.
One way to achieve that is by adopting a gender lens from the beginning of any initiative or policy rather than as an afterthought, Saadia Zahidi, Managing Director of the World Economic Forum , said.
"The way we think about this at the World Economic Forum is that any future growth models will have to be about building back broader.
Find the political will to implement changeShe told the other roundtable participants: "Gender equality is not only a matter of human rights, justice, and fairness, but also a strategic imperative for the United States.
Representing the US's neighbor to the north, Canada's Minister of International Development Harjit Sajjan described the country as having a " feminist government ," but admitted there's still more to do to achieve gender equality.
"Even though we as a government were fully committed with a feminist approach, we still found vulnerabilities within our approach.
Saajan also highlighted Canada's Feminist International Assistance Policy, launched in 2017, as an example of why government leadership on gender equality matters, as well as the importance of accountability.
"Every policy that goes through government that needs to be approved, has to have a strong [gender-analysis] component to it.
Tackle the care economyCovid-19 laid bare the disproportionate burden felt by women when it comes to care.
"Everybody needs care at various points in their life, whether it's childcare, elder care, home care, hospital care, education.