Mitchell Levy From Credibility Nation - "We Are Losing Our Humanity" At TEDx Tenaya Paseo

Mitchell Levy from Credibility Nation gave a talk in Jan 2021 at TEDxTenayaPaseo titled “We are Losing Our Humanity and I’m Tired of Watching it Happen”.

The talk presents an eye-opening thesis on the lack of credibility in humans in the modern world and offers solutions that Mitchell Levy proposes to correct the situation. The talk has performed really well since the day it was uploaded and it ranked at number 28 on the list of “The 50 Most Popular TEDx Talks Released In 2021 On YouTube”.

Mitchell Levy

Mitchell Levy is recommending his services to those who are intrigued by the premise of the TEDx talk and find its core message appealing by saying, “Business owners and influencers who want to enlist my expertise in figuring out their broader purpose can schedule me to speak at their event about bringing humanity back into the way you live life and do business by heading over to the link: Book Mitchell Levy for your event.

In the TEDx talk, Mitchell Levy talks about the lessons he learned through his corporate journey and later on as an entrepreneur running an eCommerce consulting company and publishing company. The key takeaway from his talk is his conclusion that humans are being taught from a young age to be dubious and to lose their credibility. Events such as the dot com bubble and 2008 financial crisis saw dubious actors who were the cause of the respective crashes get away with just a slap on the wrist, sending the message to the larger world that dubious behavior pays great dividends.

Mitchell Levy then went on to interview 500 thought leaders in the field of business and found out that, shockingly, a large percentage of them either flaked on their commitment for the interview, rudely cut off contact without a follow-up, were late for the interview, or needed clarity about their business or the purpose of their online identity. Mitchell identified this as a wake-up call and then set out to create a path forward for ending the trend of dubiousness and moving towards being credible.

The TEDx talk then dives deeper into the definition of credibility and breaks it down into a framework that comprises three main components - being known, being likable, and being trustworthy. The first pillar of credibility, being known, is comprised of intent, commitment, integrity, and leadership style. The second pillar of credibility, being likable, can be achieved by showing respect and sharing the stage to dispense knowledge. Finally, the last pillar of credibility, being trustworthy, is a matter of authenticity, integrity, vulnerability, and coachability.

Building credibility is the crux of Mitchell Levy’s community, Credibility Nation, which offers its members a chance to learn and grow with the right people on a similar journey. Readers can find out more about the advantages of joining the community, keep up with its programs, and browse membership plans by heading over to the link: Credibility Nation Membership Site to Learn, Grow, and Surround Yourself with Credible People.

Mitchell also goes on to say in the video that going from dubious to credible is a continuous learning experience that can be helped along by syncing up with an accountability partner that catches and interrupts the learner’s inadvertent dubious behavior. Mitchell reiterates in his talk that he strongly believes that people can be taught how to be credible by drawing attention to the many ways in which they act dubiously and giving them a chance to correct their course. He summarizes the talk with three key implementable action items to increase credibility - “Sprinkle Credust (the sparkle that one receives when they share someone’s credibility)”, “Show Up When You Show Up”, and “Be Open To Coaching”.

Mitchell Levy also helps self-starters and leaders create Credreels - a term he coined for a short-video interview showcasing who a person is by sharing who they serve, what they do, and the credibility that they have to do what they do. Readers can sign up for his Credreel service by heading over to the link: Create a Video Allowing People to Trust, Know, & Like You in 5 Minutes.


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