Meet Positives Has Built A Judgment-Free Dating Platform For STD Positive Singles In Canada

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United States’ most popular STD dating site,, is inviting STD-positive singles in Canada to sign up for the platform.

The spokesperson for Meet Positives, Tommy Marks, talks about the benefits of signing up for the platform by saying, “When you join Meet Positives in Canada, your data is being processed by the same advanced, privacy-focused, matchmaking algorithms that have helped thousands of STD-positive singles in the United States and the rest of the world find someone to call their own. We have also included powerful search features in the app that let you search for other users based on whether they are living with the same condition(s), how far away they are, and other personal saved criteria. The results have been amazing. We have helped thousands find someone to share their struggle with, in a world that has callously shunned them for their affliction. So, if you are an STD-positive single in Canada, head over to the website or download the app on your Android phone to register today. It's free to join. You will soon have your own unique story to tell.”

STD Dating Site, Find HIV, Herpes, And HPV Singles In Canada

According to the Sexually Transmitted Infection Surveillance report published by the Public Health Agency of Canada in 2019, the rates of STIs in the country rose considerably from 2010 to 2019. Chlamydia remained the most commonly reported bacterial STI, followed by gonorrhea, and then infectious syphilis. In terms of the growth of the rates of the three most commonly reported STIs, the greatest rate increase was observed in infectious syphilis rates, which increased by 393%. Gonorrhea rates increased by 182% and chlamydia rates increased by 33% in the same decade.

The report commented on the disturbing trend of the rise in the rate of STI infections per 100,000 people from 2010 to 2019 by saying, “STIs continue to remain a serious public health concern in Canada. STI risk is influenced by many factors including age, sex and gender identity, socioeconomic factors, culture, norms, and health policies and programs. These factors influence individual-level risk factors, such as sexual activity, substance use, experiences of violence and discrimination, and access to health care and services.”

Tommy Marks echoed the sentiments expressed in the report by saying, “The higher rates of STI infections in Canada over the decade is a cause for concern. The report from the Public Health Agency of Canada uses detailed statistics to paint a clear picture of how worrying the situation is. Further down in the report, the agency acknowledges that it needs to adopt a holistic approach to screening and treatment for STIs to reach the sections of the population that are the most vulnerable to being infected with them. Monitoring is just the start of getting this currently developing public health challenge under control. At Meet Positives, we believe that an open and honest conversation about the various STIs can make a two-fold difference. First, it will help those who are STD-positive learn more about living with them, give them a support system to learn from, and, hopefully, enable them to create a meaningful and happy life for themselves. Second, the lucky ones who haven’t yet been infected get to benefit from an increased awareness of the topic. This will help the country better fight the spread of STIs and prevent the situation from spiraling into a full-blown public health crisis. Our platform is, therefore, more than just a dating site. It is a confluence of minds who see the challenges others like them are facing and who are ready and willing to take the steps to help in any way they can. So, if you have tested positive for an STD, we urge you to sign up to the Meet Positives STD dating site, find HIV, herpes, and HPV singles in Canada to mingle with, and get a chance to find a sense of belonging and lasting companionship that will give you the strength to boldly face life, regardless of your affliction.”


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