Maryland Dermatologist Offers New Wart Treatment For Plantar Warts

Columbia, Maryland based Medical & Aesthetic Dermatology is pleased to announce that a new, revolutionary wart removal technology is now available at their premises. Patients with particularly stubborn plantar warts, which can be known to be quite uncomfortable or even painful, will now be able to try this new system to find lasting relief. All interested parties are welcome to get in touch today to schedule a consultation. Learn more here:

Known as the Swift Microwave Therapy for Skin, by Saorsa, this treatment offers patients a way to get rid of plantar warts both quickly and painlessly. Previously, a number of therapies were available for plantar wart removal, but they all had drawbacks that certain patients would consider significant enough to prefer avoiding. For instance, cryotherapy could be employed, applying liquid nitrogen to the wart to induce a blister and eventually cause the dead tissue to shed off on its own in time. In addition to some patients having to visit their clinic again every few weeks for repeat treatments (until the wart is gone), this method can be painful, requiring at least a local numbing agent to mitigate the sensation. Further, darker skin tones may be more susceptible to hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation.

This changes with Swift, however. This technology uses a compact device to deliver a focused ray of microwave energy into the unwanted tissue, which in this case is the plantar wart. Microwave energy has been used in medical applications for decades, and it is heavily favored here due to how easily it can be controlled. Specifically, the microwaves can only travel to a predetermined depth, so there is virtually no risk to the surrounding tissue. The clinician can target the plantar wart precisely and safely. In fact, Medical & Aesthetic Dermatology says one major reason they wanted to offer the treatment is the fact that it requires virtually no dressing or preparation — and given that the surface of the skin remains intact, patients have a greatly reduced need for post-procedural padding or dressings as well.

The reduction in prep time also means that appointments take very little time to complete. On average, a patient need only stop by for treatments that last between 5-10 minutes. This is much more convenient than other wart treatments. Saorsa’s Swift Microwave Therapy is as quick as its name suggests.

Medical & Aesthetic Dermatology is always searching for better ways to serve their community, and this includes keeping abreast of new technologies and treatments that may improve the patient experience. While other wart removal techniques achieve similar results, their processes are not as convenient or desirable, so the team saw no reason to settle for these older methods. They state that they will always invest in promising new treatments to give their patients as much choice as possible.

The clinic has worked with thousands of patients over the years, with the vast majority finding themselves extremely satisfied with their results. While interested parties may visit the clinic’s website to view ‘before & after’ pictures of their success stories, they may also be interested in what other patients had to say on other platforms.

One says in their 5-Star review, “I saw Paige today for the first time and she was wonderful- incredibly down to earth, easy to talk to, and made me feel at ease. I have nothing but nice things to say about everyone in this practice, from the person who greets you when you walk into the medical staff treating you.”

An excerpt from another patient’s review shares, “Julia (PA) is an angel! I had a tattoo removal go wrong. I’ve been putting off going to see someone because it’s just embarrassing, and I know it’s my own fault. Julia wasn’t the slightest bit judgemental; she was kind, caring and nothing but ready to help me solve all my problems. I also scheduled one of my appointments during lunch and I was a bit nervous it was going to take a while. But I was in and out quickly and back to work before a full hour!”

Anyone who wishes to learn more about the Swift Microwave Therapy for Skin may contact Medical & Aesthetic Dermatology to inquire further. The clinic is always ready to help patients learn about the various options at their disposal.


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