Long Island Podiatrist Gets Saorsa Swift Wart Removal Machine for Plantar Warts Treatment

Foot Specialists of Long Island, a podiatry practice in Long Island, NY, is happy to announce that they have recently acquired a Saorsa Swift microwave therapy machine for treating plantar warts with a low dosage of microwave energy. Plantar warts are usually located on the soles of the feet and are prevalent in children. The problem with this kind of warts is that they are typically painful because pressure is exerted on them when the affected person is walking, running, or doing other activities. The Swift machine has a compact microwave generator that produces the microwaves that are directed by the podiatrist to the affected area with a wand-like applicator. This causes the temperature of the affected tissue to increase rapidly, which stimulates an immune response that gets rid of the warts. Those who would like to know more about the practice can visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/FootSpecialistsofLongIsland.

The Saorsa Swift machine’s applicator that is used to direct the microwaves to the affected tissue has a sensor that ensures an unused tip is used for every session as a way to avoid cross-contamination. The sensor is able to detect that the tip has not been changed to a new one and will not allow the machine to operate until the tip is replaced with a new one.

Meanwhile, plantar warts often penetrate deep into the tissue with root-like growths, which is why they are very difficult to treat with topical medication. But the Saorsa Swift machine solves the problem by generating microwaves that can penetrate deep into the tissue. And the depth that is reached by the microwaves can even be controlled by the podiatrist, which means treatment with microwave energy is precise and there is no break on the skin after the session, which means that there would be no bandages and dressings and patients can immediately get back to their daily activities after the treatment.

Furthermore, this is a safe treatment because microwaves have long been used in medicine and the Swift machine only applies a low dose of microwave energy. Nevertheless, care should be taken for certain patients, including: those who have metal plates or pins in their feet; those who are immune-suppressed; patients suffering from conditions that affect the capability of the body to heal; those who are wearing a pacemaker; women who are pregnant or breastfeeding; and patients suffering from poor circulation.

Founded in 2006 by Dr Mark Gasparini, D.P.M., Foot Specialists of Long Island has been practicing podiatric medicine in Farmingdale, Melville, Massapequa, Bethpage, Amityville, and the neighboring areas in Long Island, NY. He practices all kinds of podiatric medicine and surgery and he keeps himself informed about the latest developments in the field. Dr. Novneet Chhabra, D.P.M., also serves as podiatrist at the practice. More about their practice can be gleaned from their youtube page at https://www.youtube.com/@Drgasparini/featured.

Dr. Gasparini obtained his Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine in New York City and finished his residency training at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center at Northport, NY. He is board-certified by the American Academy of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry, certified in Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment, and certified in wound healing by the Council for Medical Education and Testing (CMET).

Dr Chhabra obtained his Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine in 2011. Later on, he finished his three-year surgical residency at the Good Samaritan Hospital in 2014. He finally finished his medical training at the Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in 2015 where he was certified in wound care and hyperbaric medicine practices. He is board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Medicine and the American Board of Podiatric Surgery.

Those who are interested in knowing more about the plantar warts treatment and other services offered at Foot Specialists of Long Island can check out their website at https://www.footsli.com/ or contact them on the telephone or through email for an appointment.


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