Cyprus's Professionals Looking for Safety Workwear Shoes and Clothes Can Rely on Geosantro

GSA Geosantro Ltd is a retail store trading building materials, hand tools, work equipment and assembly accessories in Cyprus. This month, they celebrate the addition of new, high-quality professional products in their e-shop, which sees the total number of their available product collection exceeding 10,000 products. Readers can find out more about the company’s line of work safety gear and wear by heading over to the link:

The rich and robust history of Cyprus’ manufacturing sector has had an equitable share of problems with worker safety. This was especially evident in the rising statistics of industrial accidents following the 2013 economic crisis, as highlighted in a report published in April 2018 by the Cyprus Mail. Local news reporter, Jean Christou, attributed the startling numbers of accidents on industrial sites to companies cutting corners in response to their financial struggles the previous years.

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But safety should be a priority for all businesses. For this reason, Geosantro’s mission is to offer the safest and most high-quality equipment and tools for all professionals in Cyprus and abroad. Their e-shop includes an extensive collection of machinery, repair units, car accessories, batteries, toolkits, work apparel, hoses, clamps, electric welding, anchoring technology, pipes, electrical installations, and more. Manufacturers, electricians, mechanical engineers, plumbers and all modern professionals in Cyprus are glad that there’s a company in their country to provide them with the quality and affordable equipment they need.

Geosantro’s products perfectly match the needs of professionals working in a wide range of industries such as the transport car sector, maintenance of industrial machinery, hotel industry, auto maintenance, the metal industry, the construction sector, the wood sector, contractor electricians, plumbers, and more.

Managing Director at Geosantro Ltd, George Ierides, talks about the needs of Cyprus professionals for the upcoming autumn-winter work season by saying, “Cyprus has seen many workplace-related accidents during the last years. Thus, all companies need to take measures to ensure safety at work. Geosantro will always be by their side offering them safe and quality equipment and machinery for all their needs.”

Geosantro offers affordable solutions that help professionals save costs and offer their employees the safety and confidence they need to do their job well, be productive, and above all, be safe. New, High-quality, comfortable, and durable workwear, personal protective equipment, high visibility clothing, and emergency equipment are added daily to their online product collection. Clothing materials are well suited for their respective work environments. The store also specifies the items’ safety standards in its product listings. Geosantro Ltd aims to become a leader in the “marketing of assembly materials, tools, and chemicals for professional use in the Cypriot market.” Today, as exclusive representatives and distributors of Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG, Blue Chem Group, and BGS Technic products, the company has one of the largest sales networks in the country. They also boast a large team of experienced sales consultants who have built strong personal relationships with local professionals all over Cyprus.

About GSA Geosantro Ltd:

Geosantro Ltd is a leading local company in Cyprus that offers tools, building materials and assembly accessories. In their store in Limassol and their eshop, professionals in various industries can find the safe and high-quality machinery and work equipment they need. Visit their website to check out their full range of products.


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George Ierides
Andrea Araouzou, Limassol, 3056