Cowlick Studios Asks: Why Use Website Design?

Cowlick Studios, a web design and marketing services company based in Leamington, Ontario, recently shared an article about why businesses might want a website of their very own on the internet, instead of just relying on pages on other platforms or having no internet presence at all. While many businesses may think they can get by with a Facebook page or a Yelp listing alone, Cowlick Studios points out that there are many reasons a business should have their own website, such as the kind the studio makes for their web design clients.

A website can help a company generate sales and leads. It can also improve a company’s brand recognition and value. While a business may shut down at the end of the day and have nobody answering the phone on the weekends, a website can be live 24/7 all year round, helping to promote a business and introduce products and services to potential customers. These days, many customers don’t trust businesses that don’t have websites, because they’re accustomed to being able to do research about a company online before choosing to give them money. For small businesses, this means a website is an investment in the trust of future customers, and any company without a website could be losing customers every day who would gladly purchase services from a business with a website.

Company logos & branding are of course an important part of any business, as logos and branding are necessary for building up brand recognition and value. A website is a great place to highlight the logo and branding details, and can be a great way for people to get familiar with a businesses brand, which will make them more inclined to spend money. This can be especially important for businesses that want to compete with the largest corporations in their industry. A well-designed website, optimized for search engine algorithms, can be the tool a small business needs to shake up their industry and win customers from big brands.

Because a website is the first contact potential customers have with a brand, it is very good to to design the website carefully, or hire professional website designers to make sure all the details are optimized to form an excellent first impression. Of course, the business is in charge of how they present themselves on a website, and especially where they want to focus or direct a viewer’s attention on the website. For example, a website can be a great place to highlight actively running promotions, or ratings and reviews that will help customers thing positively about the brand. A website is also an excellent place to collect addresses for an email list, which can be encouraged by including short video lessons or PDF guides as a free download in exchange for email list signups. Any of these are great ways to increase the amount of time a visitor spends on a website, and improve their opinion of the company, which can help turn visitors into customers. An effective email list is one of the best ways to gather website visitors and convert them into customers. Cowlick Studios provides website design for small businesses, and can help their clients get the most conversions from visitors to their website.

Cowlick Studios reminds readers who may be thinking that they don’t need a website for their business that they are not in business alone. All businesses have competitors in the same industry offering similar goods and services, and most of those competitors already have their own websites. That means they could already be getting the benefits of having a website, from increased consumer trust to a quality hook that entices visitors onto their email list. Cowlick studios offers professional digital marketing services, website design and graphic and logo design, to help their clients stand out on the internet. With services from Cowlick Studios, any business can be on their way to reaching their full potential.


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