Arrowhead Clinic in Lithia Springs Outlines Tips To Maximize A Car Accident Settlement

Lithia Springs, Georgia -

Arrowhead Clinic has posted a new blog post with tips for accident victims to maximize a car accident settlement. The Lithia Springs, GA, chiropractic clinic has a history of providing customized accident injury treatment for victims involved in a car accident. The blog post states that a victim has to deal with injuries along with several things after a car accident, including property damages. Dr. Valerie Walton is the leading chiropractor in Lithia Springs, who has been treating accident injury victims for many years.

Dr. Walton advises victims to see a personal injury lawyer “if someone else's negligence caused your accident,” adding “filing a personal injury claim can seem impossible, especially when you're nursing injuries.” The experienced Lithia Springs car accident doctor suggests that victims should seek an experienced chiropractor for the timely diagnosis and evaluation of injuries before everything else.

The top Lithia Springs car accident chiropractors at Arrowhead Clinic focus on helping victims make a complete recovery. They are aware of the importance of documentation of injuries that can play a big role in maximizing the injury settlement.

“As soon as you've visited a chiropractor and your treatments have begun, you should contact a personal injury lawyer to file your personal injury claim,” advises Dr. Walton. Top accident treatment doctors at Arrowhead Clinic can refer victims to an experienced attorney who is an expert in handling insurance companies and compensation claims on behalf of the victim. Their goal is to help the victim get a fair settlement, states the Lithia Springs chiropractor, adding, “When you hire a personal injury lawyer, your insurance company will take your case seriously.”

Dr. Walton cautions accident victims against trying to handle the aftermath of a car accident by themselves, adding that insurance companies are businesses and need to make a profit. Their mission is to pay as little to the victim as possible. In doing so, they will go to any extent to reduce the compensation claim. The Lithia Springs doctor suggests victims should only discuss their accident with the doctor and injury lawyer and not post anything about it on social media until the claim is resolved.

Arrowhead Clinic is dedicated to patient care and helping accident victims get the best compensation for injuries, pain, and suffering. The car accident injury doctor in Lithia Springs can prepare the documents to prove the severity of any injuries.

Top doctors are available at Arrowhead Clinic in Lithia Springs, GA, to help victims with their physical and financial recovery. After diagnosis and evaluation of injuries, the best accident treatment doctors at Arrowhead Clinic can refer victims to a personal injury attorney in Lithia Springs to help maximize their claim, so their accident damages and medical expenses are taken care of.

A victim of a car accident in Lithia Springs should get medical help right away. Schedule a free consultation at Arrowhead Clinic today.


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