Huge Galaxy Tab S8 leak spills beans on Snapdragon 8 CPU, February launch

We've known for some time that Samsung would announce the Galaxy S22 at an Unpacked event in early February. Now, rumors suggest that it will simultaneously announce the Galaxy Tab S8 lineup at the same event.

WinFuture has laid bare all of the Galaxy Tab S8 specs you need to know. And based solely on the hardware, they'll immediately supplant the S7 series as the best Android tablets available.

The Galaxy Tab S8 series will use the top-class Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and 8GB of RAM, whereas the 2020 S7s used the slightly-downgraded 865+ and had 6GB unless you upgraded the memory.

Like the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+, you'll have to upgrade to the 12.4-inch S8+ to get an AMOLED screen, while the 11-inch S8 uses LCD. But all three S8s have WQXGA resolution and 120Hz refresh rates, which should make streaming and gaming buttery smooth.

In terms of Galaxy Tab S8 pricing, WinFuture claims they'll cost between €680–900 for the S8, €880–1,110 euros for the Plus, and €1,040-1,220 for the Ultra. These ranges are similar to another Galaxy pricing leak from @chunvn8888, which suggested the S8 would cost less than $850, the S8+ between $900 and $1,000, and the Ultra at $1,100.

Whatever the final pricing, it's fair to guess that the S8 series will cost much more than the S7 series at launch, in exchange for the upgraded specs.